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Michael N Huff, Esq.
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Michael N Huff

Michael N Huff


Since graduating from Widener School of Law in 1994, Attorney Huff has represented everyone from ordinary citizens to police officers, lawyers, doctors and politicians in criminal cases.


In the event that you’re suspected or accused of committing a crime, you need someone that will advocate for your rights while representing you in the legal system. At the Law Office of Michael Huff, we will make sure you are not taken advantage of, and will work hard to defend your rights and advocate for your innocence no matter what the charges. Click here to learn more about defense against criminal charges.


When you’re injured because of the negligence of others, it is important to have an attorney who’s willing to fight for your right to be adequately compensated. In addition to physical pain and emotional trauma, you might be dealing with financial problems caused by unforeseen medical bills and lost earnings. Focus your energy on healing while we handle every aspect of your case and seek maximum financial compensation in order to help you rebuild your life. Click here to learn more about personal injury representation.


If you’re interested in discussing how our team can help you, please contact us today. There’s no cost or obligation for an initial conversation to determine how we can help. Click here to contact us online.

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